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Rain soaked bride after thunderstorm ceremony

Her wedding was supposed to take place in the forest. A green, secluded grove waited, centered on a towering stone altar. Pale blue hydrangeas in mason jars adorned each row of wooden seats, waiting for her guests—witnesses to her happiness and commitment. Clouds gathered, and guests and staff looked nervously at the sky. A few drops splattered the ground. I went to the bride's cabin to speak with her about the weather. "I don't care. I want to get married in the rain," she said. I went back to the green grove, and waited. A few drops turned to rain. The bridesmaids walked down the aisle in sea green dresses. Thunder rumbled and crashed overheard. The green grove was dark, and lightening flickered far away. Rain turned to a downpour. The bride stood at the end of the aisle, framed by trees. She embraced the rain, and danced down the aisle on her father’s arm, laughing. Her groom smiled and laughed back. Because what else could they do? Water-soaked guests watched from beneath umbrellas. When she finally arrived at the altar in her rain-soaked wedding dress, the officiate said, “Do you want to go inside the tent for your ceremony?” She agreed, and everyone scampered through the woods, across the field to the reception tent. Afterward, the rain stopped (because of course), and we went outside for bridal party pictures. This is my all time favorite portrait. Even though there was a thunderstorm on her wedding day, or maybe because of it, this bride was raw to the camera. She allowed my lens inside her world, and didn’t hold back a thing. She taught me what I needed to get stunning photos: access. The thunderstorm taught me I can take photos through anything. Wedding photographed in Cleveland, Ohio.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio.