St. Christopher Parish Wedding Photographer
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St. Christopher Parish Wedding Photographer

St. Christopher Parish is a beautiful Catholic church in Rocky River, Ohio. Just before they stepped out of the church to greet their guests, the groom leaned over and gave his bride a swift kiss on the cheek. It was such an intimate moment, and gone in the blink of an eye. I would have missed it, if I hadn't been paying close attention to the bride and groom. But that's my job--to see things others don't. It made me happy to know I was capturing a view that the bride and groom didn't see, but would enjoy for years to come. I'm pretty sure they didn't even notice me, crouched in a corner, taking this raw, intimate photo. You can just see the outline of her bridal bouquet. Al Wilhelmy Flowers always provides our brides with uniquely exquisite bouquets to hold on their wedding days, and I love working with them.

Location: 20141 Detroit Rd., Rocky River, Ohio 44116.

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