Severance Hall Wedding Photos–Chrissy and Eric

Sometimes love can’t wait.

Christine and Eric are both in the military. So when they found out Eric was going to be deployed this year, they knew they had to move fast. In love and not willing to risk losing the other, they decided the best way to ensure they stayed together was to get married. So they went to a courtroom in Texas, and married each other. No dress. No rings. No family. No friends. Just the two of them, and their love for each other.

And while they were happy, Christine told her sister “we weren’t able to share or celebrate our special day with the people we love most–our friends and family.”

I don’t know how they did it with their crazy schedules, living in Texas, but they planned a beautiful, classic, fun wedding at Severance Hall. And they got the chance to share their happiness with the people who matter most.

Christine got ready at the lovely Tudor Arms Hotel, then headed over to Severance Hall for her wedding. After the ceremony, we went across the street to the lagoon for some photos. Then it was time for their reception; and it’s not a party until someone gets naked.

Thank you to the inimitable Stacey Doyle, who flew in from Rhode Island to shoot this wedding with me. Here is a peek and Christine and Eric’s wedding…































Congratulations Christine and Eric!

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