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About Lindsey


I moved around a lot when I was growing up. And by a lot, I mean I lived in over 20 places and attended five schools before graduating from high school. I was always the new kid, always starting over. Again. Yes, it was difficult. At the time.

But no matter what school I was in, or which new house I was settling in to, I was with my family. No matter where we lived, we always stuck together. I can’t tell you how many times my little brother ran to get his big sister (me) because his mouth had gotten him into trouble again, or how often I called my sister at college to complain about Mom and Dad. I thought my dad walked taller than any other dad, and my mom could test the Dalai Llama’s patience (I think she said the same about me). And yes, I still talk to my family almost every day.

This nomadic childhood, coupled with a strong family connection, gave me the view that the world is a big place; and what makes it warm and beautiful and worth living in, are the relationships we form with the people we love. Those connections are life.

This worldview forms the basis for every photo I take. It’s not what your dress looks like, the color of your flowers, or if you have the perfect outfits for your children. It’s how you feel in the dress, if the flowers make you happy, and whether the outfits reflect your vision of your children. I photograph how you feel. I photograph the love you feel when you’re with the people who are important to you.

I photograph what love feels like.

And it feels beautiful.