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Q: What camera do you use? Do you bring backup equipment?
I carry a variety of professional cameras and lenses, as well as lighting and support gear, and a ridiculous number of batteries. You will usually see me with two cameras on my body, and if I’m just carrying one, you can be sure I have several more stashed close by.

Q: Are you the photographer who would shoot our wedding? Do you use assistants or second photographers?

Yes, I will be the person photographing your wedding. I won’t send any minions in my place. I usually work alone, but occasionally I bring an assistant to help with logistics like parking my car and setting up gear when we have a tight timeline. You also have the option of having a second photographer at your wedding.

Q: Do we get the photos?

Yes! Along with your finished album, you receive a USB drive of your images and a release that allows you to make as many prints or enlargements as you want. If you decide not to choose an album, you receive the USB drive after your gallery of proofs is online.

Q: How long does it take for us to see our photos?
Once the wedding is over, I download and back up your images. Then I begin the process of culling through them, tossing out any blinks or misfires, choosing the best one where your eyes are open and your expression is just so. Once they’re culled and organized, I process each one for exposure, clarity, and color based on skin tones. Then I put them online for you to view, and send your proofbook off to the printer. Depending on the season, it can take 4-6 weeks for your photos to be available online. Your gallery remains online for four months.

Q. How does the album process work?
I look at your wedding, your invitations, the style of your dress, the colors you chose, and a host of other details to come up with a unique album design that reflects your personality and taste. With all of that in mind, I take the first crack at designing your album. I choose the fonts, background colors, graphic elements, layouts and images.

Once it’s complete, we’ll either meet in person if you’re in town and have the time, or I’ll send you a link to view it online. You’ll curate your ideal album based on the initial design, making as many changes as you like until it’s absolutely perfect. I’ll make your revisions (if any) and re-post it one more time for a last check. Once you approve it, I send it off to the printer.

Q: How long will you be at our wedding?
I arrive when you’re getting ready, and stay through the ceremony and all the important events at the reception. I’m there for dancing, partying, and whatever else may occur. After all the events are complete, and I’ve gotten plenty of photos of your party, when everyone is really letting loose, I finish up. That’s typically about halfway through the reception.

Q: Will you travel to our wedding in ________________?
Yes! I’m based just outside of Cleveland and I regularly travel all over Northeast Ohio for weddings. Far flung events may require an overnight stay and if I have to get on a plane, train or boat to shoot your wedding there will be additional costs involved.

Q: Do you shoot formals?
Yes. I do casually elegant formals with your family, your wedding party, and you. I’m very good at herding large groups of people where I want them go—nicely. While I love candid images, the formals are an important part of the day, and I’m very efficient. It’s not unusual for family members to thank me as we’re finishing up for being friendly and professional during the formal portrait session of the day.

Q: How will you be dressed at our wedding?
I wear business casual clothing that allows me to move freely, yet blend in. I look professional, without calling attention to myself. My job is to observe and take photos while you’re getting married, and dressing appropriately is part of that.

Q: Should we give you a list of photos to take?

We will talk about what aspects of the day are most important to you, so I will walk into the wedding with a good idea of what you want. If there is something unusual that I might not notice, please let me know. Otherwise, I prefer to be an active observer, photographing everything in front of me in the most creative way possible. A long list of must-have images is distracting; I don’t want to miss that intimate look between you and your new spouse because I’m checking things off a list.

Q: Do you shoot details?
Yes. I know how much planning goes into a wedding, and it helps to preserve your memories of the day when you can see pretty shots of all those details you spent so much time choosing (or creating!). Details that show your style and taste are also important when I’m designing your album

Q: Can you hold our date for us?
I work on a first come, first served basis. Your date is reserved once I have a signed contract and retainer in hand. So if you’re getting married on a popular date, please don’t wait. Contact me, and let’s get this thing going!

Q: How do we go about booking you?
I’ll e-mail you a contract. You fill out all the details (package selection, ceremony and reception address, etc.) and mail it back with your retainer. Once I have your signed contract and retainer in hand, I’ll give you a call or e-mail to let you know you’re booked. Then I’ll drop a signed copy in the mail to you for your records. Your balance will be due 30 days before your wedding.

Q. Do you do videography too?
No. Even though the equipment looks similar, photography and videography are very different. However, I can recommend excellent videographers whom I’ve worked with and who also have an unobtrusive approach to documenting weddings.

Q. Have you shot at my venue before?
I’ve photographed in many venues, so there’s a good chance I’ve been there before. However, if it’s a new place (and I love shooting in new places!) I’ll be sure to scout it out ahead of time.

Q: Do you touch up all our images?
Yes. Every image is edited and processed for skin tones, exposure, and black and white processing where appropriate. The images are largely uncropped, and the images that go into your album get extra special attention. Meaning, if you had a pimple the day of your wedding, you wouldn’t see it in any of the photos used in your album, but it would be visible in your proofs. And if you ordered a print, it would be retouched on the print as well.