St. Vitus Church Wedding with Rachael and Brian

St. Vitus Church Wedding with Rachael and Brian

After a proposal in Napa Valley, these high school sweethearts returned to Cleveland for a summer wedding at St. Vitus Church.

When I arrived at St. Vitus, Rachael was hiding in a vestibule, keeping out of sight from early guests, and of course, the groom. She and her bridesmaids retreated to the basement, where she opened a lovely pair of Tiffany’s pearl earrings from Brian. She barely kept it together, blinking back tears when she read his note, which ended with “You bring out the best in me.” Her mother put them in her ears; then she did a shot of slivo with her family, hugged her grandmother, and walked upstairs to get married.

Established in 1893, St. Vitus is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever photographed a wedding in. Rachael beamed all the way down the aisle, and as soon as the ceremony was over, she and Brian slipped into a corner for a private celebratory kiss. These are two people who are completely comfortable with each other, and it was wonderful to photograph.

We went to the Cultural Gardens for some photos, then headed to The Patrician for their reception. Here are some photos from their beautiful wedding day:


Ceremony: St. Vitus Church
Reception: The Patrician
Music The DJ Crew

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