A Fall Wedding at Barrington Golf Club with Stephanie and Sean

Stephanie and Sean’s fall wedding at Barrington Golf Club was a lovely bright spot in the middle of this horrid pandemic. Steeped in emotion, overwhelmed with happiness, these two pulled their families together and basked in love all day long.

I got to know Stephanie and Sean a little bit during their engagement session at Huntington Beach. They were down to earth and genuine, and we hit it off right away. Stephanie warned me ahead of time that her family can be emotional, so I knew going into this wedding there would be tears. I just wasn’t prepared for my tears.

Their ceremony at St. John Vianney Church went perfectly. They walked back down the aisle, and the instant they were alone, Stephanie wrapped her arms around Sean and buried her face in his shoulder. It was their Moment After, and it was beautiful.

During the reception, Stephanie had an emotional dance with her father. Their close bond was evident, and it was lovely to witness. Sean’s mother passed away earlier this year, so he had chosen to dance with his sister. Sean’s mother must have been an amazing woman, because she was so clearly missed at this celebration. He began the dane with his sister, and eventually, his brothers joined them on the dance floor. All four kids danced together during what should have been the mother/son dance. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I hid behind my camera and kept shooting. But once the song ended, I had to step off to the side and have a moment of crying to myself. Even though my mother passed away three years ago, I know that intimate pain, and I felt so badly for Sean and his family.

After I had my minute, I dried my eyes, reminded myself that the day isn’t about me, and I have a job to do. Then I got back on the dance floor and took party pics all night long. All in all, it was a lovely day, and I was so happy to be a tiny part of it. Here are some favorites from Sean and Stephanie’s Barrington Golf Club wedding:

Congratulations Stephanie and Sean! Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love.

Venue: Barrington Golf Club

Flowers: Bouquets by Becky

Videography: Elite Entertainment

Music: Absolutely Unbelievable Entertainment

Cake: Cakes to You

Transportation: TL Worldwide Transportation

Stephanie’s dress: CLE Bride By Expressions

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