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I offer custom designed albums for your wedding or event.

A beautiful album full of your images is the physical embodiment of your memories. It is something you hold in your hands, and share with your loved ones. And the pleasure of reliving your wedding or event through a custom designed book made explicitly for you, blooms again and again, every time you look at it.

Before I was a photographer, I was a writer. I have a BA in Creative Writing, and I wrote stories, short-shorts, poems—I still do. I speak and think in stories. But when I began designing wedding albums, I realized this is the way I want to tell a story. Through a book that captures the essence of your day—if you showed it to a friend who couldn’t make it that day, or to your future children, they would get an idea what it was actually like to be there. Not just a row of smiling faces, but a feel for the whirlwind of intensity, love and excitement that comprises a wedding day.

I design each album myself, incorporating elements from your wedding, your invitation, and anything else about your day that inspires me, into the book. I create a unique book that tells the story of your day.